An interior reflects the character of a business or organisation, but we believe that it should offer more than just aesthetics or style. An interior motivates and connects people in a functional and flexible manner, providing space for both structure and spontaneity.


The awareness that building a work or other environment where people feel good is fundamental to the vision of Coare Realisatie, so it is essential that the client’s ambitions are prioritised during the construction process. We work together with clients right from the initial design to get the best possible results, something that also depends on the motivation of the people on the construction site.

These workers understand what’s important, and what’s required, so their professionalism and commitment are essential in making the client’s ambitions a reality. In this area, Coare Realisatie follows a rule as clear as it is simple: the stronger the motivation, the higher the quality. Our construction manager is responsible for the team and the work. Coare Realisatie operates from the conviction that building is much more than simply placing bricks on top of each other, and that to create something better, coherence and cooperation are required.

Coare Realisatie works according to solid outcome obligations in terms of budget, schedule and quality, where the completion date is sacred. Cost overruns are unacceptable, as are a plethora of project managers and bulky reports. On the basis of skill and motivation, Coare Realisatie efficiently matches those performing the work with the clients requiring it.


For Coare Realisatie, sustainability is fundamental to every stage of the construction process. Our motto is, don’t act sustainably, be sustainable; not on the basis of thick reports and endless discussions, but by being clear, efficient and practical. Consistent sustainability, down to the smallest detail, with a strong emphasis on recycling materials.

Waste is the raw material of the future, and Coare Realisatie is already committed to this. We strongly believe in the circular economy approach, and use the product passport, among other things, to show how previously used material can be used again. We make walls from ceiling panels, and beautiful seating from old doors.

In our opinion, working sustainably means working safely and responsibly. On the building site, people deal with each other on the basis of respect, professionalism and motivation, while aspects such as waste, water consumption, energy consumption and safety are treated with great care. When selecting partners, Coare Realisatie attaches great importance to their sustainability ambitions.


Coare Realisatie believes transparency is essential in the relationships with clients. This is a rather general term which we actually elaborate and put into practice, meaning, among other things, that financial clarity is constantly provided, and that the construction budget prevails in any tenders. Both Coare Realisatie and our subcontractors exercise full disclosure on the how and why of prices. Quotations are constantly shared with our clients,

so they constantly have access to all relevant information and can influence the decisions made and associated costs. Incidentally, Coare Realisatie always offers a number of options so that there is a real choice. If the client has no additional requirements, but non-contracted extra work is required, then Coare Realisatie bears the resulting costs. If an assignment is completed early, and/or costs are lower than anticipated, then Coare Realisatie settles this in accordance with a previously made agreement.