An interior reflects the character of a business or organisation, but we believe that it should offer more than just aesthetics or style. An interior motivates and connects people in a functional and flexible manner, providing space for both structure and spontaneity.


The objective of Coare Architectuur is to make a meaningful contribution to creating a work environment where people feel positive, and where they can improve both collectively and individually. This objective guides our every move when developing interiors. Our interaction with clients obviously covers topics such as schedules and budgets, but also deals with ambition, commitment, privacy, opportunities and innovation. It is precisely in these specific areas where we want to delve into the ideas and requirements of clients, right down to the smallest details, since that is the only way to create something great together. We operate in this way with clients in the office sector, education and healthcare.

An interior reflects the character of a business or organisation, but we believe that it should offer more than just aesthetics or style. It has to simulate and connect people, be functional and flexible, and offer space for structure and spontaneity. The interiors we design have more to offer.

Coare Architectuur is not influenced by trends and fads; we focus on other aspects, such as the useful application of innovation, reuse and sustainability. That is not because these are buzzwords, but because they actually work really well and improve efficiency in every respect.


Sustainability is a core concern of Coare Architectuur in every stage of the design process. Our motto is, don’t act sustainably, be sustainable; not on the basis of thick reports and endless discussions, but by being clear, efficient and practical. Consistent sustainability, down to the smallest detail, with a strong emphasis on recycling materials,

since waste is the raw material of the future. Coare Architectuur is a strong believer in the circular economy approach, and uses the product passport, among other things, to show how previously used material can be used again. We make walls from ceiling panels, and beautiful seating from old doors. The list is endless.

In the business operations of Coare Architectuur, what is important is not just the labels and certification which we have obviously acquired, it is above all about having the right mindset. We enjoy making the best using sustainable methods, and sharing this knowledge with our clients. Coare Architectuur is in favour of a stimulating dialogue, because it benefits everybody.


In its quest for renewal and enhancement, Coare Architectuur enjoys the company of like-minded souls. Exploring opportunities, innovation and experiences in diverse fields is close to our heart, so in our business operations, Coare Architectuur is only too pleased to give these an important place.

One example: in 2015, we supported a scientific study by environmental psychologist Fiona de Vos into the influence of the environment on concentration and creativity. After studying psychonomics / environmental psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Fiona founded Studio dVO. In 2006, she graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Psychology of the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York.

Coare Architectuur is also going to collaborate with the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy, on research into vitality.

Our principle is that an interior can only be truly meaningful if those who work there feel good and vital, and our search for ways to make this a reality is a never-ending journey.

TMQ reports

The TMQ concept was developed by Coare Architectuur and stands for Time, Money and Quality. TMQ reports give clients all the information about the progress of their projects at a glance. As a tool which clearly, quickly and pragmatically provides all the relevant information,

it is an alternative to the endless email exchanges and lengthy construction meetings which everyone hates and often lead to a depressing loss of creativity and dynamism. With its TMQ reports, Coare Architectuur maintains the momentum and overview of the construction process. It ensures drive based on inspiration, so that, in practice, sight is not lost of the essential elements which have to be applied.